Classic Lawncare & Building Maintenance (CLBM) has a two-fold strategy:

The first part of the strategy is to offer and secure the following types of contracts in the housing industry:

  • Property Preservation: Debris removal, janitorial, boarding properties, changing locks/gaining access, yard maintenance/grass cuts, winterization, pool/spa services, and general maintenance repairs/dry-wall/flooring/painting.
  • Vacant apartment cleaning: move-in/move-outs for Apartment complexes (including student housing) and Condominiums.
  • Clubhouse, Hallway and Fitness center cleaning: offered to Apartment complexes and local fitness centers in the area.
  • Commercial building cleaning: offered to commercial buildings which includes the cleaning of the lobby, restrooms, offices, elevators, break rooms, kitchens, all windows (glass) and flooring.
  • Event clean-up: offered to any business/organization who holds an event and needs after the event clean-up.
  • Lawn care services (Commercial and Residential): Edging, weeding, grass cutting, hedge/tree trimming, mulch spreading, flowerbed planting and maintenance, spring and fall clean-up, gutter cleaning.

The second part of our strategy is to hire and train the candidate we described on our page “Who We Are”. By ensuring the following, we hope to make each CLBM candidiate (employee) …A Business for Heroes:

  • Each employee will have an Individual Development Plan designed for him/her.
  • From the Individual Development Plan, each employee will have new personal and career goals each month to achieve.
  • Part of the goals will be developing career skills to advance to higher wages, creating a schedule to pay off debts (child support, etc.) and achieving the requirements to acquire a valid driver’s license.

The two-tier strategy comes from our CLBM Social Business Model:


How it works: Sell services on the open market and provide employment opportunity and job training
Examples: Providing work opportunities such as: Property Preservation, Lawn care, Janitorial, etc. to the disadvantaged.
Key Success Factors: Job training appropriateness and Commercial viability.

If you are in the Michigan area housing industry or a Commercial business, join Classic Lawncare & Building Maintenance (CLBM) in this fight! Hire us to make this vision a reality. Collaborate with us to change lives! For more information, visit: “What you can do”.

For more information about the CLBM’s Social Mission, please visit: Who is CLBM? A Business for Heroes

For more information about Classic Lawncare & Building Maintenance, please visit the company website