Classic Lawncare & Building Maintenance (CLBM) is a for-profit social enterprise located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We offer services to the Housing Industry, which include property preservation, janitorial, and lawn care services.  Even though we are a for-profit enterprise, our main objective is “for-impact”.  We use the letters CLBM to represent the human candidate of our social mission.

CLBM’s social mission is to start here… in the community where it is located.  The overall goal is to provide employment and skills/training to disadvantaged men (and women) who need a second chance.  The basic description of our candidate:  unemployed with a child support case, no trade skills, no driver’s license, and wanting a real change in their life.  Our candidate has to be willing to put forth all effort to achieve the goals that CLBM sets before him/her to achieve their goals.  CLBM will create an Individual Development Plan for each candidate (employee).  Implementing this plan, will foster the employee from feeling unsuccessful, to becoming that Hero.

Hero defined: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble abilities.

CLBM’s ideal candidate is a father who wants to take care of his child; and be a positive influence in his child’s life as well.  Why fathers?  Please read the following information taken from the National Conference of State Legislatures ( on “How the Child Support System Affects Low-Income Fathers”

CLBM is not making excuses for the non-payments of child support, but trying to help provide a solution.  In addition to the shared information taken from the National Conference of State Legislatures (, please read the following taken from The Urban Institute-Nonpartisan Economic and Social Policy Research entitled Poor Dads Who Don’t Pay Child Support Deadbeats or Disadvantaged?

CLBM knows that old saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child”.  Starting from our community, if we can provide the employment and skills that will build that candidate, in turn, it will build a household and eventually, that community!

For more information about the CLBM’s Social Mission, please visit: Who is CLBM? A Business for Heroes 

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